Yang Sauchung’s Tai Chi

Yang Sauchung’s Tai Chi Chuan differs from all other Yang style Tai Chi schools, including those derived from the students closest to his father. This is for two reasons. Firstly, Yang Sauchung was the first-born son of Yang Chengfu and only descendant of the Yang family able to continue in the family’s rich martial tradition in all of its facets. Secondly, because Yang Sauchung understood the internal principles that make this style so effective, and was able to interpret them according to his own understanding and, like all other members of the Yang clan who preceded him, make improvements.

This explains in part why Tai Chi is known as a powerful martial system, and at the same time why so many practitioners and masters are at best able to push their opponent far away, but can do little or nothing to trouble an expert martial artist. 

The power of the Yang family was witnessed but not transmitted in its entirety outside of the family. In traditional chinese society it was important that the fighting skills of family members be preserved, as if beaten by an outsider, it would have meant losing their place in society.

The main difference in Yang Sauchung’s Tai Chi compared to other Yang style schools is its high martial potential. It is not simply rooting and pushing skills, but real and true fighting abilities.

Yang Sauchung’s Tai Chi also contains a vast amount of precise technical detail relating to the Tai Chi Form, which is barely visible to the naked eye, but is extremely important in the cultivation of internal energy. The same degree of sophistication is found in the Qigong curriculum which also makes it such an effective means for the development and maintenance of good health.

Tai Chi and Lineage

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient martial art that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Yang Style Tai Chi

Yang Style Tai Chi  forms the basis for Giuseppe Possemato’s Dragon Taichi.

Yang Sauchung

Yang Chengfu’s first born son, Yang Sauchung was the last member of the Yang family to have inherited the family’s secret teachings.

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