Martial Art

Although Tai Chi is now well known as a potent system for the cultivation and maintenance of internal energy, health and wellbeing, it was born as, and remains, primarily a sophisticated martial art. In the same way that preparation for boxing has become a form of fitness training without having to fight. One of the reasons why it is generally not known that Tai Chi is a martial art is because so few people know how to apply it properly.

It is worth remembering however, that the energy cultivation practices contained within Tai Chi serve to nourish the martial art. Both aspects combine to form the whole and are thus not separate.

Together, Qigong, Daoyin and the Form constitute the basis for a path which contains other practices (both individual and pair work) which lead to martial applications. These are, advanced Qigong, Pushing Hands, advanced structural and postural modalities from the traditional Form, strengthening and conditioning, regulated and free fighting.

For those interested in weaponry and health, the Sabre, Sword and Staff/Spear forms are also offered.

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