Giuseppe Possemato

Master Giuseppe Possemato developed an interest in the arts and movement as a child. Growing up close to the CONI Olympic Training Center in Formia and to the NATO military base in Gaeta, as a child he was able to train in athletics and swimming. Later his passion continued exclusively through the practice of martial arts, beginning with Shotokan Karate, which he practiced for over 20 years (III Dan).

Not content with external martial arts, M. Possemato sought to develop and study that which over time he learned to call “energy”. This exploration led him to the world of Chinese martial arts (traditional Wing Chun and Tang Lang Kung Fu) and Chinese Qigong practices (Wang and Hu schools).

He then found traditional Tai Chi Chuan, both Chen and Yang styles. In particular, he pursued the study of traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan in the lineage of Yang Sauchung’s eldest son of Yang Chengfu. Master Possemato studied for over 15 years with Master Chu Kinghung, 3rd disciple of Yang Sauchung, and Master Deng Deqiang, 1st disciple of Ip Taitak, in turn 1st disciple of Yang Sauchung. It is thanks to his continued study that Master Possemato is today one of the few practitioners of traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan to understand, and be able to demonstrate, the family “secrets” of Tai Chi, both with regard to subtle energy and fighting skills. In addition to this, Master Possemato is also a classically trained professional Guitarist.

Tai Chi and Qigong

Master Possemato’s Tai Chi and Qigong contain practices for health and well-being with the cultivation of internal energy.

Martial Art

Tai Chi was born as, and remains, primarily a sophisticated martial art.

“Dragon Taichi”

The “Dragon Taichi ” method is not only a continuation of  traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, but also a refinement.

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