Tai Chi and Qigong

In keeping with tradition, Master Possemato’s Tai Chi and Qigong contain practices for health and well-being with the cultivation of internal energy in its various forms (Jing and Qi), such as the traditional Yang family Form.

It is well known that practices from the Yang family’s martial art training can be extremely beneficial in balancing internal energy, even to those with little or no experience. It is for this reason that more and more people are approaching the practice of Tai Chi . Psycho-physical health and well-being can be achieved not only thanks to enhanced internal awareness but also thanks to a quieting of the nervous system.

Right from the start, the traditional Yang family Form in its three sections (Earth, Heaven and Man) is practiced alongside “Zhan Zhuang” Qigong (with different levels throughout the years) and Daoist exercises or Daoyin.

These practices offered by Dragon Taichi are suitable for all, regardless of the level of fitness or experience.

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