"Dragon Taichi"

The “Dragon Taichi” method is not only a continuation of  traditional Yang style Tai Chi Chuan as transmitted within the lineage of Yang Sauchung, but also a refinement. Nothing of the tradition is lost, but at the same time, it has been updated and refined based on the evolution and needs of contemporary life. 

Traditionally, within the Yang family, there were three main frames for the execution of the Form, “Dragon Taichi ” maintains this tripartition.

The first is Crane frame. The crane, or heron, is characterized by its vertical elegance, its powerful wingspan and its ease of balance, especially on one leg. The shape, made in this frame, is therefore open, vertical and slender. This stage corresponds to the opening of the practitioner’s energy system, and can be done by anyone, even those with little experience, the elderly, or those not interested in martial applications .

The second is Tiger frame. This is a lower stance frame which requires more intense work for the entire system. This stage corresponds to the compression of energy, and although any practitioner can aim to develop this type of Tai Chi Chuan, it is not recommended for those with joint problems, nor for those who aim solely to open the energy system, or those not interested in martial arts.

The third is Snake frame. This frame has a very low stance, and movement of the pelvis and spine is quite different from the two previous frames. Here the body moves as a single entity in which trunk and limbs are welded together. This stage of the practice corresponds to the condensation of energy, and is not recommended for those with insufficient training or experience. Whereas it is essential for those who want to go deeper into the “secrets” of the Yang family.

Dragon Taichi brings together the characteristics of the Crane, the Tiger and the Snake merged into a new being. It is suitable for the experienced practitioner,  the explorer of internal arts, and all those who have already undertaken the practices of water and fire.

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